The Tales of Elliot Caprice: Labor Day


ADVISORY: Following the link will take you to a page that contains profanity and sexual language. If you still want to read Labor Day, you may find it here.


Published in November 2015, at BEAT TO A PULP, Labor Day is a story set during the events of A NEGRO AND AN OFAY. Southville County Sheriff George Stingley and Deputy Ned Reilly investigate the murder of the son of the county’s founder as they come to terms with Elliot Caprice’s return and the trouble it brings to Southville. It was an honor to bring that story to BEAT TO A PULP, one of the finest publishers of crime fiction. Please consider nominating it for the Anthony Award for Best Short Story.


New Short Story at Beat to a Pulp

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In the meantime, Beat to a Pulp has published a short story set in the world of Elliot Caprice. A little small town Midwestern noir that fits somewhere between chapters 3 and 8. Give it a whirl!

Labor Day, from The Tales of Elliot Caprice